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Pose Detector

Main while the pose Detector is also bounded to the neural network detector because it classified various people posture to track atypical behavior (such as including at the ATM, raising arms during an attack, failing, etc). This detector enhances or finds the position of body parts by tracking pose Detector because it should note any bit of point where it scanned (the average position of body parts in each second), then it sends the alarm to the detector machine. 

  • It’s possible to transmit the size of detective objects, zones where they need to define poses sensitivity quality assessment of recognition.
  • Quality; its detector operates in 2 modes- simple and advanced; in the advanced mode it more powerful than a simple pose.
  • Recognition speed: 6fsp, 12 fps, considering the frames per second, the detection to recognize the pose.


Its display is more highly susceptible then the detectors are too dynamic a posture, with reduces the false positives.

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