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Neuro Left Object Detector

Based on object determination, it should be designed to detect orphan and forgotten objects left in any field of view the camera. It’s used for those effective areas where security is vital for example, airports, train stations, cites, etc.

It work based on a detector of objects and people, and it doesn’t depend on the background because it’s up to detective efficiency.  More specific work is that it detects the classes of objects; suitcase, backpack, box, bag etc. Tracking is the main part of an objects detector because they also capture the main way of the tracking and determining the owners of the objects (by the natural movement and proximity to the object). 


  • It has high accuracy to better the detector work on complex scenes while simultaneously loading the server.
  • Multiple frames per second they collected within minimum time without wasting time on more investigation.
  • Overall, determine the static data analysis to be detected.

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