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The auto ANPR recognizes state registration plates of cars and is designed for automatic license plates of vehicle detection. In addition, this system allows you to track the passage of the vehicle from archive screenshot and video fragments.

Moreover, it should generated details reports, step by step logging of recognized automatic groups including access control and fire alarm equipment. An Interesting point that to detect a vehicle that is stolen or violates parking rules.


High accuracy of car registration plates.
Recognize multiple license plates and vehicles
Analysis of different car registration belongs to different countries
To determine from complex angles
None of each prob in addition to car territory
Flexible configuration
Delegation of computing on a server with GPU from low-power DVRs.

The standard version of Auto ANPR to recognize Neruostation and Quattro station series recorders. All servers use hardware graphics acclaim to top-level efficiency based on of large video streams.  The module remotely has high technological innovations with RRSTEK AND NEUROSTATION service over the network process.

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