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Active POS

Although, intelligent module work for monitoring cash and financial operations, the weighing and counting machine is too confirm an especially effective tool f for automatic and manual detection and safe of personal fraud too from any robbers or  theft cases in lifetime schemes.

How it Works

  • It works for analytics over the network from one to another different server.
  • Automatic apprehensive of alerting incidents at the checkout.
  • A lot of attractive reports and up to contacted detectors of violation.
  • To manage most Cash register processes on the market.
  • Ergonomic event interactive interface
Functional POS modularity allows for linking the solution with other needed software components (accounting, warehouse, etc.) and import/export of required data. Such as including, sales terminal, external links, and even retail all of the sale system. Detectors create a plug-in a Scripts allows being adapted conversation particular object.

Possible violations: 
  • Override of prices, discount on a receipt
  • Changing the order of items
  • Returns 
  • Duplicate of receipt
  • Suspiciously high or low purchase sums 

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